Mira Lee Crochet Jewelry


We have sold hundreds of these beautiful crocheted bracelets over the past few years - Karen wears hers almost every day - and K.Hollis Jewelers is the only place you'll find these great bracelets and necklaces.

Each piece of Mira Lee jewelry is hand crocheted using the highest quality gold and silver beads and Swarovsky crystals. The bracelets just roll over your hand onto your wrist.

They look great by themselves, stacked together, or worn with other bracelets.

Interchangeable Necklaces

Combine the beauty and comfort of hand crocheted jewelry with interchangeable crystal necklace enhancers.

Care of Your Mira Lee Crocheted Jewelry

Do not use jewelry cleaner on Mira Lee Crochet Bracelets and avoid getting the bracelet wet. Mira Lee Crochet Bracelets will look retain their look just by wearing them. Store in a plastic bag if you will not be wearing the bracelet for over a week.