Jewelry Care and Cleaning


Wedding, engagement and anniversary rings are intended to be symbols of everlasting love. With the proper care, your ring will remain as resolute as your love. Did you know that your engagement ring, particularly its diamond, collects film from cosmetics, lotion, soap and even skin oil? These harmful emissions will reduce the fire of your diamond. Have you ever wondered why that ring you wore only once has a scratch? Perhaps it was due to improper storage. Caring for your ring is not a difficult task. To sustain your ring's luster and brilliance, follow these simple tips for wear and cleaning.


We know that you wear your ring often, perhaps never even taking it off. Unforeseen events may endanger the beauty of your jewelry, but you can take some easy steps to avoid common hazards.

Avoid wearing fine jewelry when you're performing manual labor tasks, such as yard work or labor that would put stress on your jewelry. Remember, even your household chores, like doing the dishes, is potentially harmful in that film can accumulate and distort the color or reduce the shimmer of your diamond, gold or platinum. Also, it will increase the life of your ring by removing it before you participate in sporting activities.

Try not to wear your platinum, gold or diamond ring in swimming pools. Over a period of time, chlorine could damage the ring's makeup.


Regular cleaning of your jewelry will enhance the satisfaction you receive from it. There are no exact time frames to follow when defining the term "regularly." Anywhere from 2-4 times a year, depending on wear, will more than suffice. Each type of jewelry has specific guidelines to most effectively clean it:

Diamonds: Either use a commercial jewelry cleaner (and follow their directions) or mix one cup of hot water, one-quarter cup of household ammonia and one tablespoon of dishwashing detergent. Please nothing abrasive. Then, soak the diamonds for about twenty minutes. Scrub firmly but slowly with a soft-bristle toothbrush. Rinse the diamonds in hot water and then dip in rubbing alcohol and let air-dry or towel off with a lint-free cloth. Please do not rinse off the alcohol. Also, avoid touching the clean ring by handling the jewelry by the edges. This will ensure the least amount of prints and oily residue.

Gold: There are many good commercial gold jewelry cleaners available. Also, a soft chamois cloth is a great way to keep your gold lustrous and clean. To thoroughly clean your gold jewelry, soak your ring for ten to fifteen minutes in a solution of one cup of warm water mixed with one-quarter cup of ammonia. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to firmly, but slowly wipe away tarnish, dirt or film. Then, rinse with warm water and dry with a lint-free towel or simply air-dry. To remove grease or other superficial infirmities, simply dip the jewelry into rubbing alcohol.

Platinum: Even though platinum is a very durable and mostly scratch-resistant material, proper cleaning is necessary to ensure its luster and strength. Platinum can be cleaned with the same solution used to clean gold. There are also effective commercial platinum cleaners.

All of your gold, platinum and diamond jewelry will benefit with annual or bi-annual professional cleaning.


To best protect your jewelry when it is not being worn, separate it from other jewelry. (Use different compartments within your jewelry box.) Ideally, wrap each individual piece in velvet, paper or silk. Be aware that jewelry can scratch other jewelry. A diamond can easily scratch a gold ring, platinum ring or almost any kind of gemstone.

Annual Inspection

We recommend an annual checkup for your ring. Simply take your wedding, engagement and/or anniversary bands to your local jeweler and they will not only clean it (if you haven't already done so) but they will also inspect it. During this process, your jeweler will check the prongs to make sure that your stones are secure, they will inspect the ring for scratches and they will recommend solutions to problems, potential or otherwise seen.

Regular cleaning and general awareness of how to best wear and protect your ring will ensure that your ring's brilliance will forever remind you of the day you first put it on your finger.