John Medeiros Jewelry

John Medeiros Jewelry

John Medeiros has become one of our most popular jewelry designers. We found this great designer jewelry collection on one of our "buying missions" that we do several times a year where we search out new designer collections to bring to our customers at K.Hollis Jewelers. We fell in love with the look, style and prices of John Medeiros jewelry and it has been one of our best selling designer jewelry collections ever since.

John Medeiros Necklaces

John Medeiros, founder and CEO of Tahoe Jewelry, introduced the John Medeiros line in 2000 after having worked in the jewelry industry for many years. As a child of European immigrants trying to make a living in Providence, Rhode Island, once the international capital of costume jewelry production, Medeiros worked after school in the precious metals industry while still in school. John Medeiros Designer Jewelry -Bracelet

In 1984 John Medeiros founded Tahoe Jewelry, providing the precious metals jewelry industry with intricate polishing and stone setting services during the day, while at night he was working on what would become the John Medeiros line—real jewelry hand crafted from non-precious metals.

John Medeiros jewelry all comes with a lifetime guarantee.

If we don't have the piece you want in stock, we can order and ship it to you - just give us a call.

John Medeiros Bracelet