As many of our customers know, we have discontinued our relationship with Pandora. It was a difficult decision for us so we felt we should try to explain our decision because we still have hundreds of customers that buy Pandora charms. We came to the decision based on its policies and requirements to continue to carry the brand, its plan to eventually eliminate most independent retailers, its declining sales, and the fact that our customers can now buy everything online through the website.

We decided to run the clearance sale prior to Christmas so that our customers could receive discounts on Pandora jewelry - something Pandora does not allow - as they purchase gifts for the holidays. We were told that this was a mistake because we would sell so much Pandora at Christmas time that we would lose money by putting it no sale before Christmas. We decided that might be true, but we would rather do it when it was most beneficial for our customers. We hope our Pandora customers will understand and visit again as we replace Pandora with some of the most sought after lines currently available.

When I saw the article below a couple days ago in JCK - a well-respected industry publication - it confirmed that we had made the right decision. A few years ago, Pandora required all its authorized retailers to sign an agreement that basically says that no authorized retailer can carry a competing jewelry line. At the time this was aimed at forcing authorized retailers to get rid of Chamilia - a charm line that directly competed with Pandora. We begrudgingly agreed; primarily because there was no choice if we wanted to keep Pandora. Now it looks like Pandora is expanding its definition of "competing line" to Alex and Ani - clearly not a direct competitor.

For all of our loyal Pandora customers... please forgive us. For all of our customers... we're busy making final arrangements on some incredible new lines - ones that we may not have been allowed to offer if we remained a Pandora authorized retailer.

Pandora Warns Australian Retailers Not to Carry Alex and Ani, Report Says

Rob Bates | December 22, 2015

Pandora has warned its Australian jewelers against stocking “competing” charm brand Alex and Ani, according to a report and email reprinted in Jeweller magazine, a local trade publication.

“As you may have heard, Alex and Ani is entering the Australian jewelry market,” said the email reportedly from Pandora Australia president Brien Winther. “Under the terms of your Pandora authorized retailer agreement you must not sell any products that could reasonably be regarded as competing products.”

It adds that Pandora considers Alex and Ani a competitor.

“Pandora would not consider allowing you to distribute Alex and Ani products from your store whilst you are an authorized Pandora retailer,” it concludes.

The publication noted that the former head of Pandora Australia, Karin Adcock, recently secured the rights to distribute Alex and Ani in Australia.

While primarily a U.S. brand, Alex and Ani has begun to expand overseas, and is available in department stores in Kuwait, Canada, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, and Japan.