First let me say that your relationship to your jeweler is based on trust. You trust that they give you good advice, that they treat your jewelry as if it were their own, that they offer fair prices, that they repair your jewelry when it needs it and they tell you when a repair is unnecessary or unwise.

You also trust them to offer products, gemstones and diamonds that they are knowledgeable about and will stand behind. This is vitally important for a retailer because a successful, trustworthy jeweler relies on their vendors to do the things necessary to ensure that our customers are happy with their purchases and protected if something goes wrong.

Let's face it - not every piece of jewelry is perfect. There are times when a piece has a flaw that causes it to break, discolor, or not fit right. The mark of a good jeweler is how they react and handle those situations. The mark of a good vendor is how helpful they are to the jeweler.

This is part of the value that the retailer brings to their customers - they are there when something goes wrong and they will work with you to remedy the problem. It's also the value that a good vendor brings to the retailer - they are there when we need them and they help us remedy the problem.

You learn very quickly in this business that it's not all about the price or the deal. It's about the service and the relationship. We select our vendors VERY carefully and we get rid of vendors that don't share our dedication to our customers.

We will always price match something from a reputable seller so price should never be an issue. The next time you price shop on the internet, consider the value that your local retailer adds when something isn't perfect and keep in mind that one of the most important components to your purchase is the relationship you don't see between retailer and their vendors.