So what do you do when a business owner spreads lies about you and your business and then you see hateful social media posts based on the lie?

This is a very real dilemma and one that we've experienced recently. First, there is shock that anybody would post something so bad about you - especially when it's from someone that has never met you. Next, there is anger. Then you are faced with choices - what do we do about this?

I asked friends, family and business associates for suggestions on how to handle this type of thing and the responses ranged from ignore it to hire an attorney. We never had this sort of thing happen before so it made for interesting dinner conversation last night. Should we be angry at the people that believed a lie and lashed out at us on social media, should we be angry at the business owner that is telling the lie, should we be angry at both, or should we not be angry at all.

The first decision was the easy one... don't compromise our values or integrity by responding through social media. Like grandma always said, "if you don't have anything good to say about someone, don't say anything at all". Thanks, grandma.

The next decisions were more difficult. We decided that being angry is pointless and that we can't stop the business owner from spreading lies if that's what he's intent on doing; we decided to reach out to the people that believed the lie and tell them the truth; and we decided to send a letter to the business owner asking him to stop telling lies.

At the end of the day, I guess we decided to avoid being angry, speak our peace, write this post hoping it may help someone else facing the same issue, and move on. We'll have faith that everything else takes care of itself.