In our never-ending effort to improve our marketing efforts and to tell our story to potential customers in a little better way, we started to take a deeper look into what really makes us different. This led me into some “deep thinking” about who we are, what we do that is really different, why we have so many great customers, and why we have so few unhappy customers (by the way… a big thank you to ALL our wonderful customers – you are the reason this is all worthwhile). The process led me down a bit of a marketing rabbit hole, but it’s been interesting and has led me to spot that I didn’t expect.

Like most every small business, we constantly try to stay on top of marketing trends. Many of the people we listen to and many of the articles we read focus around how and why different demographic groups – let’s say millennials – get information and buy products. Then we try to fit what we learn into how and where we tell our story. The problem with this approach is that generalizations about any group of people are inherently flawed. Most days I feel like marketing is a constant game of whack-a-mole.

So… after some “deep thinking”, here’s where I landed. I think that the first (and most important thing) a business needs to do to be successful is to be authentic. What I mean by this is that you must do 2 things: 1) be who you say you are; and 2) be true to yourself.

I think the second thing that a business must do is to provide a remarkable experience – and I mean literally “remarkable”. The word “remarkable” means “worthy of remark” or in marketing terms it’s the secret sauce for success – word of mouth marketing.

As a consumer, I think we have a rewarding shopping experience when we spend our time and money satisfying our desire for authenticity. We feel good when our expectations mesh with our actual experience and when we buy from people that we feel are genuine – no gimmicks; no half-truths.

Pretty simple, actually. Just be what you say you are, stay true to yourself, and provide your customers with a remarkable shopping experience. I think this philosophy is at the core to the success of companies like Amazon and Apple… I know it’s what we will continue to try to do each day at K.Hollis Jewelers.

Almost forgot... one more thing - our golden doodle, Murphy.