We LOVE what we do. We get to share in happy times and sometime sad times. We get to connect. We get to be part of the community. We get to gather and laugh. We sometimes gather and cry. We love being a part of all these things.

One of the best parts of doing what we do is helping our customers reuse, re-purpose or redesign jewelry that they already own. Sometimes it's a piece of jewelry, a diamond or a gemstone that was inherited or passed down from a loved one. Sometimes it's something that we no longer wear, but that has special meaning. Sometimes it's something that we love dearly, but it's time to pass it down to loved ones.

We've been doing this for hundreds of customers over the past decade, but we've always struggled a little bit with describing just what "custom redesign" is and why it is such a special experience without writing a long description (like this one!). So we decided to try something a little different.

We asked some of the people that we've been fortunate enough to work with over the years to tell the stories behind their redesigns. We started calling this "ReImagine" because this is the real magic behind each of the pieces we create. We talk about the history and significance of the jewelry we start with. We talk about who it came from and what we imagine it should be. We learn why something is so dear to us and how important the people are that are part of the story.

ReImagine Stories

When you have a minute click the link below and check out some of our "ReImagine" stories. These represent some of the most memorable and precious experiences we've had the priviledge to share with our customers. It's why we love what we do.