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The Liz Palacios designer jewelry collection appeared at K.Hollis Jewelers in our second year. As Karen became more familiar with her customers and what they liked, she searched for new jewelry designers that fit the tastes of her customers.Liz Palacios Earrings and Necklace

Liz Palacios designs a wonderful line of vintage and antique style jewelry that mixes beauty, quality and affordability. Liz Palacios has been a favorite of many K.Hollis Jewelers customers since the first day it arrived at our store.


About Liz Palacios

Liz Palacios Jewelry DesignWhether dressed in elegant evening wear, a classic business suit or simply jeans and a t-shirt, Liz Palacios Designs create a timeless, vintage fashion statement infused with contemporary styling. Innovative designs are inspired by the best of past and present.

Blending metals in antiqued silver, gold and copper, Liz Palacios Designs integrate a mixture of semi-precious stones along with Swarovski crystals in a beautiful juxtaposition of colors.

The unique ability to color mix enables Liz Palacios to constantly evolve, creating visual excitement that adapts to seasonal color changes.

Silhouettes for necklaces include fabulous pendants, y-necks, double drops, double chain with drops, chandelier, lariats, and chokers with drops. Earring styles range from hoops with drops in crystal or semi precious stones, chandeliers, linear, cascading styles, tassels and elongated clusters of beads.

Charm-like bracelets and cuffs compliment Liz Palacios necklaces incorporating beautiful stones while magnificent pins round out the collections. Liz Palacios’ appeal has no boundaries. Liz Palacios has captured the interest of Hollywood since 1994 when her jewelry was featured on TV and film including Access Hollywood, Cher, Extra, The View, Latina Spirit and The Cristina Show.

Liz Palacios is the founder of Liz Palacios and the eldest of 3 sisters. Liz was born in New York to a family of Colombian immigrants.Liz Palacios Necklace

Liz Palacios began developing an interest in antique jewelry at the age of 18, acquiring pieces throughout the years as a hobby. In 1987 her interest in antique jewelry inspired Liz to launch a business based on her passion for jewelry.

Design and production began in a modest way in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco and Palacios designs quickly became popular. The company proudly designs and produces Liz Palacios Fashion Jewelry in a 15,000 square foot facility in San Francisco with an emphasis placed on superior quality and supported by the development of employees into highly skilled craft-persons.