We carry the largest selection of Mariana Jewelry in the western suburbs. Mariana's designs are elegant, unique, colorful and affordable.

Artist and jewelry designer Mariana has been creating unique and original pieces of jewelry since 1997. Mariana’s jewelry is famous all over the world. Her naive colorfulness and her flawless interfusion between old and new, fabric and stone, material and spirit is visible in every one of her jewels. It is the foundation; the heart and the core of her creations.

Mariana’s jewelry, influenced by natural elements, is designed to spiritually uplift the wearer with good energy.


These are some of the natural mineral stones used in Mariana jewelry and their meanings...

Rose Quartz: Love Stone
Aquamarine: Courage and Protection
Amethyst: Stone of Peace and Strength
Clear Quartz: Stone of Power
Carnelian: Passion and Sexuality
Pearl: Lessens Stress of the Heart
Chrysocolla: Peace
Citrine: Lucky Merchant’s Stone