Patricia Locke

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Patricia Locke jewelry has been a customer favorite at K.Hollis since the first day we opened our store. The colorful necklaces, bracelets and earrings are fantastic accents to any outfit. We've seen Patricia Locke worn with jeans and a t-shirt as well as business attire and evening wear.

Just like so many of our most popular designer jewelry collections, Patricia Locke jewelry is stylish and affordable.

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Chicago designer, Patricia Locke has been creating jewelry for over 30 years. She is known for her unique combinations of elements; embellished with dazzling Austrian crystals and semi-precious stones. All pieces are done in antiqued 24KT gold plate or sterling silver over bronze and pewter. Each piece is adorned with Swarovski crystals that belong to a “color story.”

Patricia Locke's timeless designs lure us with their enigmatic blend of future and tradition, fashion and fine art. Patricia Locke speaks a distinctive visual language. Her rich imagery and fine craftsmanship are designed to bring you pleasure with every wearing.