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If I had a choice between a group of handsome men or coming to your store, I would pick your beautiful store!
— Signed Just a Girl
You have been there for major events in my life. I appreciate all the beautiful jewelry that you created and support during these times. No wonder you are the #1 jewelry store in the tri-city area.
— Sarah Spang
I had an extraordinary experience at K.Hollis. I brought in my mother’s engagement diamond ring with a few smaller diamonds and Karen created an incredible design that pays homage to my mom’s diamond. I couldn’t have asked for anything better!

Thanks for everything.
— Angela Albugo
My mother-in-law was very dear to me. When she passed she gifted me with all of her rings. She had beautiful hands and many rings. For 5 years the rings sat in my jewelry box and my husband and I felt badly. When I had the misfortune of losing a 25-year anniversary ring my husband had bought me, I was devastated. But, then, I had heard about Karen and together we combined 3 rings into 1. With Martha’s patience and skill we crafted a one-of-a-kind ring that has special value and sentiment to my husband and I.
— Linda Swift
Karen - you are one amazing, innovative, inspirational, talented woman. I am so glad that I was directed to your store. The love and joy that was put inot this ring (my mother’s) made one feel as though she was still here. My only regret was that I wish that I was coming here for 10 years. Your store is so warm, cozy and relaxed as I browse all your finery. Your staff is awesome as well, always there to help and share ideas and happiness for what one purchases. Your love for your work is surrounded by a halo that glows throughout your store. Thanks you, Thanks you.
— Cheryl Parker
Thank you K Hollis Jewelers for the wonderful engagement ring! The service was excellent, Karen spent over 3 hours working with me to find the perfect ring. Her experience was invaluable in assisting me in designing a custom setting for the ring. When I picked up the finished ring and saw what it had appraised for, I was delighted to learn that the ring appraised for far more than what I paid. It was an incredible value! It is so wonderful to have this local family owned business in our community! I would highly recommend their services to anyone.
— Zach McNally
I can’t express how great my experience was with you and your staff. From the minute I walked in the door you guys made this process so much easier for me. I greatly appreciate it! I will always remember this process and hope to see you guys in the future. Thank You!
— Sheldon Kuhle
Laura (my soon-to-be fiancee) found your store because of Murphy. Your staff was beyond amazing, the process was nothing but enjoyable and you did nothing but support whatever she wanted. I cannot thank you enough for making the perfect ring for hopefully the perfect engagement (even though it is a few months away). Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! Laura will thank you, our two dogs will thank you, and all her friends will be asking for your phone number. Thank You!
— Ryan Sieckman
I have really enjoyed your unique jewelry store here in Batavia. Your staff has always taken care of our jewelry needs and I will miss being able to pop in here to show you what I am looking for. We are moving to South Carolina and we probably won’t be in the Fox Valley again - but maybe. I was lucky enough to be part of a beading class last spring. I will be difficult for me to find another store like yours. Thanks again.
— Sherry Cowan
What a great find! I needed a ring that we had purchased in Mexico sized and was getting discouraged after talking to a few local jewelers, but what a different experience with this one! I love that they do repairs onsite! They said it would take a few days to complete the sizing but imagine how happy I was when I got a call only three hours later saying it was ready—the ring fits perfectly and the price was very reasonable. While they were polishing my ring I had a chance to look at the wonderful designer and custom-made jewelry and talk with the owner, Karen, who showed me some beautiful pieces she had created from items that were formerly sitting in drawers. Everyone on staff is so helpful and friendly, the experience totally exceeded my expectations! I am so happy to have found this store and will definitely return—I’m giving this my highest recommendation!
— Debra Tucholski
Thank you so much for my beautiful ring. I’m sooo glad I randomly stopped by one Friday morning and made an appointment to meet with you. I had been to State Street Jewelers and Pearlman over 2 years ago and just did not receive the attention you gave me. You sat with me for over an hour and helped pick our the perfect ring and setting.

You are such a nice lady and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the time you spent with me. I can’t wait to show and tell everyone about you.

Seeing the ring and how different it is from original is amazing!!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I Love it.
— Sheri Owen
I can’t believe how very, very beautiful my “New” ring is. You took an already beautiful piece of art and 28 years later, it reached perfection. Thank you for your creative input and design. It brought tears to my eyes! And... I won’t let another 28 years go by without visiting your lovely establishment.

Thank you all.
— Liz Marchiori
K. Hollis is more than a jewelry store. For a person of many words it’s hard to put into words the spirit that you feel when you enter the doors. Over the last six years as I have gone through the ups and downs of life, Karen Hollis is always there each step of the way. Of course the best moments are the special occasions and celebrations, but Karen and her caring staff always know the right words and ways to assist you through the trials and tribulations that life throws your way as well. Thankfully, K. Hollis has been able to shine a little sunshine on some of our darkest days by the simple act of us entering those doors.

As mentioned in our book, Brooklyn’s Battle: A Daughter’s War with Anxiety and Depression, I had Karen make a reminder for Brooklyn from her mission statement a “love life” necklace that we will always treasure. And, when my step mom passed, Karen made three rings out of her bracelet so I could have one and give one to my daughter, Brooklyn, and one to my aunt. That is priceless.

I highly recommend Karen’s place for all of your jewelry needs. She has something for everyone and you will leave with a smile!
— Kimberly Loveday
I’ll always remember today as the day I got my rings! I love the way my mom’s wedding bands came together into one beautiful ring and I’m so touched to have all of her engagement diamonds and my engagement diamond combined with my beautiful new diamond to make a past, present & future family heirloom I can pass on to my daughter... even though she’d rather have a dog now, I know she’ll appreciate it someday.
— Cindy
I wanted to say thank you for all of the help K Hollis Jewelers provided in re-designing my moms wedding ring. My mom, Katy Fox, passed away 5 years ago and the night she passed away my dad gave me her wedding set. It was a very beautiful old diamond that had come with her family from Germany over 100 years ago. Her grandparents and parents had it before her. I wore it as a right hand ring for 5 years then finally decided to have it re-set. It ended up more beautiful than I can even describe. It is now the center of a beautiful ring with diamonds around it and set it in the band. We also used the diamonds from a ring that was my grandmothers as well as the earrings that my husband gave me the night before we got married. They used the actual gold from my mom and grandmother’s ring to melt down and create the ring that I have now. Consequently I have a custom designed treasure that has a little piece of those I love the most in it. Karen and John designed it and John got it put together so quickly and I was at a loss for words when I saw it. I have had so many lovely comments on it.

Then, to my complete and total surprise my husband Jim, Dad Frank and Uncle Ernie had a pendant designed for me for valentines day that looked exactly like the ring. I was shocked. Then I found out that Karen and her wonderful staff at K Hollis had been at it again! The boys had gone to her and amongst them they came up with the idea of creating a pendant to mimick the ring. Best. Valentines. Day. EVER!

Thank you Karen, John, and all of the wonderful people there for making this possible. I have long been a customer of all of your fun jewelry: earrings, necklaces and bracelets etc. but was new to your custom designed pieces. I am honored that you took such great care of my treasures!
— Karen B.
Dear Karen and Janet,
Thank you so much for making such a meaningful & beautiful treasure for me and my girls!

My husband passed away 3 years ago after a brief (6 month) battle with cancer. He was the most loving husband & father & the most selfless person in the world; everything he did was for his family.

I gathered buttons from his suits & shirts hoping to create a special piece of jewelry for me & my daughters so we could have something of his made into something for us to cherish & remember him by.

And you did it so beautifully! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your time & care in creating these special pieces for us.

God Bless You!
Sue Ann
— Sue Ann
How do I put into word the experience of taking a precious memory into a jewerly store and turning it into a life long memory for a family! That is exactly what happened when I brought my Mom’s ring into Karen’s store to “do something special “ for her granddaughters. My Mom”s ring was always the talk of the girls because it was so glitzy and as kids they all teased and said they were going to get Grandma”s ring. So when she passed my sister and I decided to do something for all of them with it. I heard about Karen and long story short went to the store. We had an idea for the girls but Karen and John took it one step further and included my sister and I into the mix. Her total interest in designing a piece which would capture the meaning of what my Mom’s ring meant to us was astounding. She and John designed a diamond pendant from the sides of the ring, one for me and one for my sister, which did not lose one bit of integirty of the ring but was awesomely beautiful.Now every time I look at it I still see my Mom’s ring but in a new way and all the wonderful memories come back. And each of the girls have a love pendant with one of the diamonds, and we had enough to even have pendants made for the great-granddaughters! My thanks to Karen and John for thier passion and love of what they do and their desire to share it with us. Because of them ALL of us still have a little bit of GRAM!
— Carolyn
Hello Karen! & KHollis staff,
We always have so much fun at your events, and are looking forward to bubbly beads. We are always so happy and thankful when we pass by (almost everyday) that one day after having a “should we get married” talk, we stumbled across your jewelry store. From the moment I saw your sign, how everyone leaves as friends, I just knew I loved your store. So shortly after meeting you the ring designing begun and we were married several months later. What a lovely experience it has been meeting you all. I was never a big jewelry person, but ever since I got my ring I have wanting to glam things up. Thank you making pieces that are not just jewelry, but art. I can’t wait to add to the canvas. See you soon! :) xoxo
— Sharon
Our wonderful experence at K. Hollis, my husband and I will be celabrating our 50th Wedding Anniversary this Oct 6th, 2012 and decided to change my original wedding ring setting to start our next 50 years, Karen and John were so caring and creative they together turned my original setting into the most beautiful setting we have ever seen, we will cherish it and them forever. Karen is so creative and wonderful to work with (we just love her) and John has a beautiful big heart and shear magic in his hands , thank you both for making our 50th year so special , Hugs to You Both, Dennis and Amy
— Dennis and Amy Markvart
Nothing is better than walking into KHollis Jewelers! Karen and her staff makes you feel like you are walking into her home. The selection of jewelry is exceptional and priced for all budgets. You will not see yourself coming and going with your purchases form Karen. It is really a destination that I always enjoy. Thanks Karen and staff!
— Nancy Young
Thanks so much for all your help making this such a special Christmas for our family. Our Laurie was devastated to lose her diamond out of her wedding ring... she will be thrilled beyond belief to receive her ring back after all your hard repair work. You are part of our Christmas, 2012 memories.
— The Norris Family
We came in looking for rings for our civil ceremony on FRIDAY! We know coming here we would have superb service not to mention quality jewelry to last a lifetime (hopefully we last that long:-). We walked in greeted by Murphy (which we loved) helped immediately despite the crowd. And, yes you and Michelle granted our wish - rings done by Thursday! Are you kidding - if we went anywhere else... they’d laugh. Talk about loving the small business with the biggest heart. I love your stories, My sister-in-law started us coming here by having a necklace made (I will add heartfelt gorgeous necklace made of my great grandma’s pin and my nieces necklace). Then my friends came in for sentimental items as well. We cannot thank you enough for being here and being you! What a gift you are to us. Thank you for bringing our wishes to life!
— Bill & Renay Weikel
I just want you and your staff to know how much I love my redesign on my 20 year old wedding ring.... Its so up to date...and makes me feel special that you worked within our budget plus it’s a one of a kind piece.
I was so excited that my hubby bought the necklace for Valentines Day.....I have been eyeing it for months and of course its another one of a kind piece you designed. I have to say that Dave and I are so impressed with you and your staff...I have already recommended many to your store. Thanks again...I look forward to adding fun jewelry from your store to my collection.
— Audrey Ritchey
My husband purchased a beautiful diamond from K. Hollis Jewelers and gave it to me for my 60th birthday. I took my new diamond, wedding ring, engagement ring and other diamonds to Karen. I didn’t know what I wanted but Karen did. I just love it !!!

Karen and John created the most gorgeous ring. It makes me feel beautiful and very special. I have gotten so many compliments on it and never want to take it off.

We appreciated you working around our budget. We are so lucky to have such a great jeweler in Batavia. When you walk into her shop, it’s like walking into your own home. Everyone is so warm and friendly.

I definitely will be taking my Grandmothers jewelry to Karen to make something unique out of them.

Thanks for sharing your talent with us and I look forward to adding more of your jewelry to my collection.
— Debbie & Larry Housh
Karen and the entire staff, are very interested in people not just selling items. They will assist you in making a wonderful choice from all their fine items.
Karen designed a pendant for my wife. It was made from my father-in-law’s diamond ring. My wife has taken the pendant to her heart. Karen called it “Calm” and it’s on this website. It was a blessing for my wife during a very difficult time.
I have visited the shop many times since that date. I have purchased many unique and lovely gifts for many members of my family.
If your looking for a special gift; with a wonderful and wide variety of items and prices, stop here first.
I always do.
— Tony Lego
I never thought when Carl and I first walked into the store that it would turn into a long-time friendship. This has been the most fun I’ve ever had in a jewelry store! I was worried in the beginning that you might have a hard time making it in this location since everything else in the location had closed, but with your personality and good taste you’re really going to make it. We wish you continued success both personally and financially. Hope you found lots of good rocks.

Carl and Janet

PS. come get warm in Florida anytime!
— Carl and Janet
I just wanted to thank everyone at K Hollis. I brought them my grandmother’s wedding band and engagement ring in 4 pieces. It had been cut from her finger and not by a jeweler. The prongs to hold the diamonds in were shot and she kept losing on of the diamonds. I thought for sure it would have to be put into a new setting. I never thought it could be fixed. I forgot to mention when I was there that the diamond kept falling out of its setting and called them back to ask them to look at that as well. Karen herself called me back that evening to talk with me about the ring and what work it would need. When I got the call that it was finished I couldn’t wait to see it. She understood the sentiment it had for me to be returned to it’s original state. I was blown away, the ring was absolutely beautiful. It sparkled like it was brand new and when I showed it to my mom she said it looked just like brand new. The price was completely reasonable and I’ve since taken some jewelry that I had forever to be cleaned and it also looks brand new. When I’m looking for a new piece of jewelry I will go there. They have things that will fit anyone’s budget and all BEAUTIFUL!! Now I can’t wait to go see my grandma and show it to her and it makes me think of my grandpa, who’s been gone many years now, but he’s always just a glance at my hand away. Every one that helped me there was so nice and friendly. Thanks Karen and the whole team at K HOLLIS. I wouldn’t take my business anywhere else.
— Bonnie
There are no other jewelry stores now that you’re here - every piece is so unique and a source of constant compliments. You and your staff are awesome.
— Ellen
You rock! I love, love, love my new ring you made for me out of my mom’s diamond. This Christmas is going to be so very special for both my husband and I. He will be so surprised to see his new wedding band that you helped me pick out. If all goes as planned we will open our new wedding rings together on Christmas eve & I’m sure we will both shed a tear!

Thank you so much!
— Cathy Elliott
Today I picked up my mom’s ring which has been pretty constantly worn since 1941 - her engagement ring. Recently a small portion broke and a diamond fell out. The ring is now in a new setting and hopefully ready for another 70+ years. It is a treat to have it returned in such a glittery state!

Thanks so much, Karen, for working so hard on my behalf. I certainly appreciate your efforts.

Merry Christmas.
— Mary Coleman
This wonderful store is a path on my journey, not only has it brought me wonderful, delightful gems, but something much more. Life’s moments to treasure and take your breath away.the cherished memories and friendships I will treasure all the days of my life.

With a Grateful Heart and Love,
Mary Ann
— Mary Ann
Karen is the most wonderful person I have ever met. I have been buying her jewelry since she was selling it at home parties. My nickname for her is WILLY WONKA. If a fix is needed see her!!! You will not be disappointed!!
— Aloha Lady
I brought in my mother’s cocktail ring a little over a week ago. Karen was crazy busy, but took time to listen to me describe what I wanted - two necklaces made our of this ring; one I would keep and one would go to my sister - in memory of our mother.

Karen gave me the call to pick them up and sounded so excited - and they are perfect. I can’t wait to give my sister one (she can pick - I can’t decide which one I like better).

Thank you for this!!
— Melissa Lafond