Super Jewelers

When Jewelry Catastrophe Threatens, These Super Jewelers Save the Day

InStore Magazine November 2014 by Trace Shelton


Madame Mental Image

Karen Hollis Owner
K. Hollis Jewelers Batavia, IL

Sometimes, a customer wants a redesign, but she doesn't have the ability to articulate exactly what she wants. With a clairvoyance that rivals that of any mutant mind-reader, Karen Hollis can see the finished product once she has laid hands on the piece she is redesigning. After, it's only a matter of helping the customer to see the future.

"I would say my custom-design appointments take less than 15 minutes on average," says Hollis. But it wasn't always this way. In the beginning, Hollis was hesitant to trust her ESP-like skills. "I would throw a lot of ideas at the client. But I learned to shut my mouth when they loved the first idea."

Perhaps Hollis' master's degree in counseling and her inherent empathy have augmented her mind powers. "We do a lot of counseling here," she says. "I started a 'freedom ring' collection for divorcees. We had a recently-divorced woman who came in and dumped all of her jewelry on my desk and said, 'I have all this jewelry; what can you do with it?' I made her a freedom ring and she walked out feeling like a million bucks."
While we mere mortals might be surprised at how quickly Hollis can visualize exactly what the client wants, she's never fazed. "It happens so often, it doesn't shock me anymore. I try not to act surprised."

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