K.Hollis Jewelers Engagement

We had a piece of nonfunctioning jewelry that I could no longer wear. And it was my engagement ring. There was a time span where I wasn't wearing it anymore.

I thought enough's enough. We need to do something about this. We received so many recommendations to come to Karen Hollis right away. You saw the problem, you started pulling out different designs talking about what we could do. I kind of feel like I got engaged all over again. I'm actually happier with it now than I was when I originally got it.


She would always say things like you know, always hold yourself high and never complain because things always work out to be the best in the long run. So now you know don't whine and complain; always try to be happy and have a positive attitude in life. I just came in here with an open slate; blank mind. And she did it all for me. She created all of this for me. I just wanted to be able to wear all the diamonds; have all the gold somehow molded into one ring. So then this is what she came up with. And I just fell in love with it and I get so many compliments on it. I wear it every. And so now I have a part of my family with me everyday instead of sitting in my jewelry box. It's very sentimental; it's very emotional. I look at it and I think of them every single day because I knew my grandma and grandpa even though she lived till she was about 90 and my grandpa died when I was five. But I still remember him vividly so it's just a very sentimental emotional. Feeling that I have on my finger every single day you know especially at times when you're kind of feeling lost and in a predicament or anything like that you kind of look down and think oh you know they're with you; you know in some way.

And my husband, you know, even though I see him all the time you and he’s still alive it's just, you know, it's a part of everybody into one ring. It's gold from my grandmother's wedding ring; gold from my grandfather's wedding ring; gold from my mother's wedding ring; and my father's wedding ring; and my husband's wedding ring. So when my mom gave me her wedding ring many years ago I just I wore it but it just, it was hers. You know, it wasn’t me.

So I just kind of put it away in my jewelry box and then several years later after she had passed away I thought you know I really want to do something with this. So I work in a medical office and I was talking to different patients when I would see their rings and whatnot and a few patients had directed me to come here because they had said that Karen was very unique and she would create something that would be really unique to you and special to you. And so after a couple of years after that, even I thought well, just come in here make an appointment. So I did. And Karen and I really bonded. And it was just so easy everything just kind of flowed.

And she showed me different things and I brought in all my rings and you know little diamonds that I had. And she was able to find the perfect ring that she had designed and then was able to be able to put all the diamonds into that ring at the same time I brought in a diamond bracelet that I had from my husband and I just didn't wear it anymore. It would snag on a lot of my clothing. So I said well what can we do with this.

So this is my wedding ring that I have not worn and you know in 40 some years because it just got too small  after having kids. So she then designed a couple earrings for me and a necklace and then what was left over. I have two daughters and a daughter in law. And I had little necklaces made for them as well. I've had it now for over a year. And it's just it's so meaningful to me and hopefully one day then my daughters will get it too. Like I said they were just sitting in my jewelry box so I just wanted to gather up everything and create have something creative that was something special to my heart to my soul to my body and that I would have with me. And then throughout the generations passed beyond me.


Because I didn't know what to expect coming in and I quite a while later found a picture that I liked and thought. You know maybe because all the stones are different sizes, different colors and different cuts


And I wanted them to work together. And I've seen things that have been done that way. In fact, one of the stones came out of a pair of earrings that my mother had made with all sorts of others.

They were awful just awful. So I call Karen and made an appointment. Braught all my goodies and with a couple pictures.

They looked at everything. We went back and forth with which picture and finally decided on one. I thought, I wonder if I have enough to put together to make this interesting looking ring nd Kaaren says no problem. So I don't know if he can see this but the mddle of the three larger ones was the rose cup - my grandmother's. This one was my husband's father's Masonic diamonds, and this one was my engagement ring. And then on each side there is this one and this one and those are my earrings. And then all the little ones on both sides were my fiftieth anniversary ring. So that's how we ended up with this; and I love it because I love being able to say this one is mine; is mine. This one is my grandmother's. This one is my father in laws and these are my earrings. And these are all are from my anniversary ring and I wear it every day. I couldn't believe it. It was more - way more - than I ever could have expected. So I think I was almost in tears when she brought it out. And it's just so nice to. I feel that my grandmother is here… and I know she'd like it.