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On-site jewelry repairs near Chicago, IL

Jewelry Repair & Care

Keep your jewelry beautiful for a lifetime

Experience, Skill, and Honesty. These are the hallmarks of trusted, experienced jewelers, and we can say without hesitation that K. Hollis Jewelers provides the best jewelry repair services you'll find. You can always expect an honest answer, jobs done well, jobs done on time, and a passion for our work. If there's ever a problem - we fix it. Like everything we do, our goal is for you to be a customer for life - this only happens when we do great work at a fair price and stand behind everything we do.

The majority of our repairs are performed onsite.


We provide expert appraisals of your jewelry that describe each piece and the current fair market price. Our appraisals are all done in-house, so your precious jewelry never leaves our store until you're ready to pick it up.

trustworthy jewelry store to get a jewelry appraisal
affordable insurance options for insuring jewelry


Insuring your jewelry can be a bit confusing, and we often assume that our homeowner's insurance will cover a valuable piece of jewelry, but often that is not the case, or your homeowner's policy doesn’t offer the complete jewelry coverage you need.

A luxury you can afford.

Luxsurance teamed up with the best in the jewelry insurance industry, Jewelers Mutual Group, which has been protecting all things jewelry since 1913.


A Jewelers Mutual Group member insurer proudly underwrites all Luxsurance jewelry policies.


Jewelers Mutual Group Insurers have earned consecutive A+ Superior Ratings for the last few decades from A.M. Best Company, one of the world’s most respectful insurance rating sources.


There's always been something special about the gift of jewelry - it represents milestones, happy times and memories of those we love.

Engraving, custom touches, or using a loved one's jewelry to create something new. We help you personalize the beautiful jewelry that will last a lifetime.

Where to get jewelry personalized with engraving near Chicago, IL

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